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Lunch at Fljótsbakki

Patience Patience, We are currently working on it!

Maria has always loved the good things in life and food is definitely one of her passion. She loves to cook and share a good meal that will please her guests' taste buds and leave them full and happy.


Maria and her staff focus on local food and cooking methods and they always try to work as much as possible with local products either coming directly from our farm or from the surrounding areas. These products are chosen carefully hence giving our menus great flavor and generosity!




Soup of the day


Menu including:

The main course (Soup & bread) tea/coffee: 24€

Children below 12 years old: 12€




If you want to be sure to have a table on our small lovely RESTAURANT we strongly recommend you order before.  

You can order here (just send us a mail and tell us how many you are) or you can order by phone (at least one day before arrival)


Thank you <3

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